A team match

Last night, some of the juniors asked me for a team match in preparation for nationals today and tomorrow. I managed to grab Andre to play.

The 2nd board was rather interesting:

Dealer E
Vul N/S

At my table, the bidding went:

West North East South
p 1
1NT p 2NT p
3 p 3NT

Let me explain the bidding. I was West. Now 1NT was for takeout, 2NT should show 5-5 in 2 unknown suits. We had no agreement after that, so 3C was pick a suit I hoped, but it turned out that Andre forgot about 2NT and thought it was invitational. (As 1NT could be passed out with a club stopper to play.)

I received the lead of the 2 of clubs.  I ducked the first round, South returning a spade. I inserted the T and it held. Now I cashed the King and received the news of the 4-1 split. I ducked a spade, South returning a diamond which dummy’s K won. Now I made the mistake of not counting, and ducked a club which I could not afford to do. Actually I was in BIG trouble now since I could not return to hand to my spades. However, South returned another diamond and I made 8 tricks. This was better than the other table which made only 7 tricks (which rightfully should be).

The rest of it was a scrap. We ended up in 3NT next after a weak 2H opener by me, other table reached 4H. Both games were good, but they somehow went down 1 doubled.  We passed out the next board, while opps in our position reached 3NT down 3. A 3NT vs 2NT game swing to us, and it was already 30-0.

Next 3 boards were bad, as Andre and I had a misunderstanding and let opps play in 2DX+1, then a game swing against us, as I thought Andre had wasted values and hence passed the invite, when he had a pointless 5 card suit! Then a partscore swing against us.

Last 3 boards saw a partscore vs passout swing to us, some misunderstanding (again!) which let them made game doubled, last board was a game swing to us.

Final score: 40-30, but it was marred by the fact that the opps at our table were having connection problems.

Not the best definitely, but it goes to show that our overcall structure notes are still not comprehensive enough. Time for a rethink/further extension?


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