SG Open Teams part 2, BBO ITL Match vs blitz

Went down last Sunday to kibitz the finals of Open Teams since the RJ team was withdrawn due to lack of J1s available.

Finals was between Open Team and Youth Team. No prizes for guessing who won. Particular interesting was 1 hand which CC Loo used Stayman with only 6(!) HCP opposite a 14-17 1NT and bid till game. 3NT made and YH Ng was flabbergasted beyond words. The kibitzers had a good laugh.


The consolations were more exciting. Going into the last round, Ladies team was leading with 187 VPs, followed by Mouse minus Moky with 184 and U21 team with 182. U21 had no say as they had a walkover in the last round, so they ended with 200 VPs. The top 2 teams faced off against each other in the last round though with the Ladies Team losing 20-37 for a 10 board match.

After that, went home for the BBO ITL match against blitz, a Canadian Team.

We lost badly, and got blitzed (forgive the pun), but truth is, we were unlucky. I couldn’t really find any plays/bids that could really be faulted.

Thanks to Yichen, Eric, Matthew, Emm, Andre and Xiaolu, especially the latter for being a sub when I couldn’t get Andre on MSN.

No match this weekend, as the team which we are supposed to play has been MIA all the while. Helen Aces has yet to get back to me on when we will play that match.

J1s are having a mini league on BBO as well. The first match was on Sunday night as well. Match analysis and results all posted on my bridge site.

2nd match for the J1s later. Hopefully it will be a good match to watch.


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