Hectic weekend!

In the end, I told our opps for BBO ITL last week that we couldn’t make it on saturday. Received no response by email and the weekend passed by.

Friday night: Went to SCBA thinking there was Good Food Good Bridge. However, the food part was cancelled. Eric wasn’t free, neither was Danen, and the J1s were happily paired up so Lilio asked me to partner this Brazilian guy called Caio Feilhaber. Mr Feilhaber’s roots are Austrian, as I found out, and his nephew plays soccer professionally for Hamburg SV. Wow.

We agreed on a simple 2/1 system and actually finished 6th out of 19 pairs, with 56.93%. Rather good result.

Saturday I was busy with my National Day Parade Marshalling duties. I was asked by Marco to go down to SCBA for Open Teams on Sunday as they did not even have 4 people. I agreed.

Imagine my shock when Sunday morning 0930 Emmaline called me to ask where I was! Marco had told me the wrong time, 1000. Thankfully I managed to grab a taxi. 15 minutes late and 1 VP deducted, but better than a walkover I guess.

First match was the second 8 boards against Mr Lai’s team, which we won overall 22-8. The rest were 14-16, 14-16, 13-17, giving us a 6th place in the qualifiers after garnering only 20 VPs in the first 3 matches against the top 3 teams in the section.

Will write up more in individual posts.


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