An inspired defence

Vul All, sitting West as dealer you hold:

It is a debate whether one should open 1H or 2H with these cards. I am aggressive and using Zar points, this is a 1H opener for me. North overcalled 2C, partner passed, South bid 3S, North signed off in 3NT. Partner leads the T of Hearts and dummy comes down:


Declarer plays J of Hearts from dummy. Do you take the trick?

I thought for a while, and ducked.

I figured Declarer had 2 spades at best, since he did not raise spades. Partner has J to the fourth in spades, and I figured, doubleton hearts. If so, partner could return another heart when he got in with spades and I would be able to run hearts.

Dummy won the heart trick, and Declarer played spades from the top. On the second spade, declarer found out the bad break. Eventually, partner got in and led back another heart for the contract to go down 2. This was a joint top board and so garnered my pair 9.5 out of 10 MPs on Friday night at SCBA.

Interestingly enough, I saw a variety of contracts on the traveller.


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