BBO ITL Match 1: R-Patzers vs TeamLeo

Hand Records (2 .lin files + Double Dummy in .pdf format)

I mentioned in the previous post that our team was seriously depleted due to the timing so I was left with Samuel, Yichen, Emm and myself.

We had the players, now the problem was that for some reason, the organisers did not receive our emails so we had no director present. After a long discussion with the other team captain, we managed to get “BBO HELP” to be the director in case of any incidents. Thankfully there was none.

TeamLeo consisted of:
Pinokiss (their captain) – SeoLeo (Both Lithuanians playing Relay Precision)
Beverly h – Aces_pat (Both US, playing 2/1)

I wanted to have a feel of their relay precision. Being the home team, I set up the first match to be Emm-Myself vs their precision pair, Samuel-Yichen vs their 2/1 pair.

I sat South throughout the entire match. So hands below have NOT been rotated because there is no need to. (Actually I was just being lazy)

Board 1

I held:

After showing 1D-1S-2NT-3NT the bidding was over. Dummy held:


Clubs broke 4-1 with the J being singleton. When A of S was onside, I made 10 tricks easily. Other side made 9 exactly. +1 imp. 1-0

Board 2

I misbid while interefering with their 1NT hence resulting in our H contract being too high. Curiously enough, we went down 1 only. It seems that the S return on trick 2 by W was wrong.

2NT was cold for the J1s on the other table. +1 imp. 2-0

Board 3

I had no idea how to deal with their 1D opening which was alerted as a 2 or 3-suiter with 11-15 HCP. If this was a major face to face tournament, I would have no hesitation asking them for their suggested defence. As it was I decided to bid 2D since Dbl might be unclear. Emm took it as showing 5 and competed to 3D. The declarer play was not perfect it went down 2. The juniors went down in 3C after W opened 2S. -5 imps. 2-5

Board 4

I thought this was a good board since we knew declarer’s exact hand due to the relaying by them. Somehow the J1s went down 3. -5 imps. 2-10

Board 5

Flat board, due to some poor declaring at the other table. 2-10

Board 6

As luck would have it, both 2S and 2NT went down so that was 4 imps to them. 2-14

Board 7

I think we took the correct decision to defend 4H. However on the layout, 4H is only down on a lead of the singleton S or A of C. 11 imps to them. 2-25

Board 8

3NT should be down. However, Emm mistook my 9 of C lead and didn’t cover, thus allowing them to take 9 tricks. 3H is the correct contract to be in. 5 imps to them. 2-30

Board 9

We correctly reached 3D after I pre-empted in competiton while the other side went down in 3NT. 5 imps to us. 7-30

Board 10

This was the most horrible board in the whole match and it was my fault. After 1NT was doubled by Emm, opps went into their escape sequence and dummy passed the redouble for blood. 1NT should go down 2, however this was what happened:

I was left with S KJ86 H – D T9432 C – in hand. When Emm led a club, I should have let go of a diamond. However, I discarded the 6 of S, which Emm took to be lavinthal in D and the resulting D return let them make with an overtrick. Expensive. 16 imps to them. 7-46

Board 11

We managed to shut them out 1NT(2S)3C*(3S)AP. 3C was alerted as a transfer to D. Down 1, but a perfectly good sacrifice since the diamond contract had 10 tricks. The J1s bid to 3D and made 10. 2 imps to us. 9-46

Board 12

Both tables had a weak 2S opened in third seat. I doubled for takeout and Emm bid to 3NT after W bid 3S. 12 tricks were cold, due to the very favourable layout. (Yes, on a combined total of just 27 HCP!) Other table passed out 2S. 11 imps to us. 20-46

I was expecting a bigger margin of loss. Granted this was 22-8 in VPs, but given the players I thought it was not bad. Also, the opposition team did not seem as good as I had expected them to be. I was thus quite optimistic of getting a decent result in the 2nd set of 12 boards.


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