BBO ITL Match 1: R-Patzers vs TeamLeo (cont’d)

Now I was faced with a new problem. Samuel had to leave due to parents complaining so I had to find a substitute. Eric kindly agreed to partner Yichen for the second round.

Board 1

Impossible to visualise slam without E showing the C splinter. 4S+2 making on both sides. 0-0

Board 2

Ouch, we didn’t double their 3S while the other table would have done well to defend in 3D. 0-5

Board 3

Our opps reached 4S. I had no idea why E made that bid. This confirmed my earlier thought that this pair is not very good in competitive bidding decisions. Actually 4H is making but impossible to find. 3S made at the other table. 6-5

Board 4

Emm signed off in 4S after my Jacoby 2NT. Opps did not lead diamonds and she established hearts to make all 13 tricks. Other table made only 11. 8-5

Board 5

After partner opens: 1C(1D) 1H(3D) and two passes to you, what would you bid with:


My though was that partner might be void in hearts and 3H might even have difficulty making, so I bid 3H to show enough length to compete by myself on the 3-level. Emm raised to 4 holding QT in H and 11 tricks was cold. Other table relayed to 4H making 11 tricks also. 8-5

Board 6

Flat board with 3NT+2. Both sides reached 3NT via very similar auctions. 8-5

Board 7

For some reason, declarer at our table allowed Emm to score 2 tricks with KQ stiff in diamonds. Other table made 11 tricks so 1 imp to us. 9-5

Board 8

Would you be able to find 4H as EW? I doubt so. I opened at our table and we found our S fit to compete to the 2 level which went down 1. Opponent didn’t even find their H fit. Other table Yichen opened a weak 2H and made 10 tricks in 3H. 12-5

Board 9

Both tables had the auction 2H(X)4H, then W at our table bid 4S while Eric passed at the other table. I don’t blame him since he has never partnered Yichen before. 11 imps went to them. 12-16

Board 10

We made 3H after I opened a weak 2H. I watched the other side play this as we finished first. Yichen for some reason did not support diamonds and 1NT went off 3. 12-20

Board 11

I had to watch 2D go down 2. Should be down 1, but then again, a hard contract to declare. Imagine my relief when I saw the other side go down 4 in 2S. For a moment I thought we would lose again from 1 big swing. 15-20

Board 12

This was the board that decided the second 12 boards. I held:


After Emm opened 1H, RHO rudely intervened with an Unusual 2NT overcall. Having no device to show spades + H support (I wasn’t sure what Emm would take 4S as) I bid 4H. What would be best here I have no idea. In any case, LHO overcalled 5C. Emm thought for a long time and bid 6H, which was cold.

At the other table, Eric opened with 3C, noting the favourable vulnerability. N overcalled 3H, Yichen bid 5C with his 5 card support and S ended the proceedings with 5H. Whew. 13 imps to us. 28-20

The decisive moments of the match was not down to any spectacular skill of declaring. Rather, it was in the competitive bidding and defence which resulted in swings here and there, particularly my misdefence in the first set. I have been reiterating the point of competitive bidding and defence, and this match proves my point again.

I am also particularly happy that our team, despite coming from 4 different batches of RJ Bridge Club, managed to pull together a decent result despite not having partnered each other before.

To Eric: Thanks for being a great sub! One of the opps commented that you changed the complexion of the game LOL.

To Emm: Sorry you had to rush your dinner, and sorry for our great defensive blooper.

To Yichen and Samuel: Thanks for helping out, especially Samuel who got into trouble, sorry for that. And Yichen, I didn’t know you had SPA today! Plenty of room for improvement, but great job nonetheless playing against unfamiliar opponents who had more experience than you two.


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