After seeing a promotional broadcast on BBO, I got interested and decided to rope in 7 other people so far to form R-patzers (Name courtesy of myself and )

No idea how it’s done but we’ve been placed in the First Division, Group 4.

So far the team roster consists of:
Myself (Captain)

Yong Sheng aka Danen
Emmaline ()
Petrina ()
Shih Hsien

4 more open slots, so will probably use them if we got not enough people for whichever week.

Alright! This week is week 1 of the first series of 07/08. We are playing against Team Leo. Don’t really know much about them except for the fact that some of their players are in the GMT+2 and GMT-3 timezones. I am guessing US/Eastern Europe? Their captain says they have a pair playing Relay Precision. So need to prep the team up to deal with that. Match tentatively fixed up for Sunday night.

Will be a challenge trying to juggle the timezones!


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